Product code: A-1515/1

Design: STROOG Andrzej Lęckoś

Snug is a cozy, modular form that allows you to create a variety of combinations from three dedicated solids. As standard, connectors are mounted on each side from each side, thanks to which you can create any functions – from a simple armchair, through a couch, to an extended, double-sided corner. The only limit is our imagination.

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Option A:
Position Value
Option A
Wood (type) beech
Total height (mm) 400
Total width (mm) 800
Net weight (kg) 24
Fabric consumption (running meters/pcs) for the width of fabric 1,4 m 1,36/1
Leather consumption (m² / pcs) 3,13/1
Quantity per carton box 1
Dimensions of the carton box 840x840x440
Volume of the carton box (m³) 0,310
Loading capacity of the furniture (40 'container) 150