Product code: Bed 180

The Tivoli collection offers beds in three widths: 140, 160 and 180 cm. Both the bedside tables and the upholstered backrest create with the bed an integrated unity. Flexible upper lamps and backrest lighting with colour change function are important complementary elements. All beds have bedding containers and lift up bed frame with sprung slats under the mattress. Use of fabrics on the backrest and frame allows for unrestricted individualisation.

Option A:
Bed 180
Position Value
Option A
Wood (type) oak
Total width (mm) 2490
Total height (mm) 1220
Total depth (mm) 2115
Number of packages 5
Dimensions of the carton box 2100x500x30, 2000x1160x80, 2pcs-2020x920x25, 2020x1170x100
Volume of the carton box (m³) 0,669
Gross weight (kg) 207