Hey Long

Product code: ST-2313/1

Design: Pawlak & Stawarski

Modular tables crafted from natural wood represent the latest addition to the HEY collection. The LONG variant allows for the construction of tables of various lengths suitable for conference rooms or workspaces. Designed with practicality in mind, these tables feature an extension slot accessible through an opening in the tabletop. For contemporary home settings without cable management requirements, the HEY LONG collection effortlessly harmonizes functionality with style.

Option A:
table ST-2313/1 900x1600
Option B:
table ST-2313/1 900x2000
Position Value
Option A
Option B
Wood (type) beech/oak beech/oak
Total height (mm) 735 735
Total depth (mm) 900 900
Total width (mm) 1600 2000