Jan Olbracht Old Town Brewery, Toruń

The Jan Olbracht Old Town Brewery is a special and unique place on Toruń’s “must see” list. It is located in a gothic tenement house in the old town. It is the only place among the highlights of Toruń which is equipped with a beer-making facility. Thanks to that, guests can see the brewing process. The brewery offers several beers produced in accordance with original recipes. All beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised. Recently the brewery’s interior has undergone major refitting by 370 Studio. In its new appearance, the brewery attracts with its cosy style, warm lighting and comfortable couches. Seats built into barrels which acquired a club style in the new interior desi-gn are very popular. Fameg products played a key role in the change of the Old Town Brewery’s image: black non-upholstered A-9907 chairs, modern A-1319 chairs designed by MOWO STUDIO, simple but elegant A-9610 chairs from the Classic collection and finally BST-9907 bar chairs.

Used products