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About company

The unique wood bending technique was originated in the 19th century by Michael Thonet. For over a century now, we have carried on with this amazing craft, creating timeless furniture for generations to come. We act with respect to people and nature around us.


The wood that we use in our production is only the one with the highest quality. The best wood to use in process of producing bent elements is beech wood. We also use selected oak and ash wood in the production of chairs and tables.

Our Values

We develop traditional craftsmanship of bent furniture making with respect to the people and nature around us. We passionately commit ourselves to creation of unique collections, which make interiors used by generations exceptional.

Since the very beginning, our Radomsko based company’s operation has been based on the extraordinary legacy of the pioneer of bent wood furniture – Michael Thonet. The already classic Thonet furniture is famous for its style, lightness and at the same time – exceptional longevity.


The exceptionally comfortable chairs produced in the 19th century by a family company won the hearts of Vienna cafés’ regulars and then delighted all Europe, winning prizes and worldwide renown.


To this day, we uninterruptedly carry on with production of bent furniture, launched in 1881 at the Radomsk based “Thonet Brothers” factory.

Generations’ furniture

Since the 50’s, our company has been operating under the brand name “Fameg”. We are continually perfecting furniture production, appreciated already on each continent. Being the heirs of 140 years of unique production technology, we keep developing and are currently one of the largest European producers of bent wood chairs as well as are among the global leaders of the market sector.

Today, the enterprise around 600 people and applies advanced technologies; however just like before over a century, the care of craftsmanship, workmanship precision as well as attention to detail still remain our priorities.

In 2013, having refreshed our image, we acknowledge to carry on with the achievements supported by our experience, while combining them with modern solutions. The timeless and universal design of Fameg furniture still fits both classic and modern interiors.