Doskonały proces produkcji mebli

The wood that we use in our production is only the one with the highest quality. The best wood to use in process of producing bent elements is beech wood. We also use selected oak, ash, larch and acacia wood in the production of chairs and tables.
The material selected for production undergoes a drying process and then mechanical processing. At this stage, the extraordinarily precise craftsmanship of forming, whittling and turning gives the furniture its unique shape. The profiled elements undergo thermal processing. Steaming at an increased pressure, at the temperature in over 100°C plasticizes wood, which makes it possible to form it in new and extraordinary ways. After careful finishing has been carried out, the furniture goes to our households.
The production process of each piece of furniture is based on knowledge and experience passed for generations. That is why the product made by us, mainly by hand, is characterised by high quality, originality as well as exceptional durability.