Product code: A-2321
Product code: A-2321


The project’s creators aimed to develop their own interpretation of a folding wooden chair, inspired by the childhood memories of such furniture in their family homes. JOC distinguishes itself with both personality and functionality, resulting in a genuinely ergonomic chair that folds in a super-compact manner.

This chair represents a delicate fusion of solid wood and metallic elements, allowing for the incorporation of armrests without compromising its stackability feature.

The plywood backrest, enveloping the back and seamlessly integrating with the wooden structure, represents another distinctive feature of this design. The proportions of the backrest have been carefully considered to elevate comfort and enable its use as a handle for effortless chair transport.

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Name Format Size
Wood and upholstery finishes.pdf2.92 MBDownload
Care instructions.pdf125.41 KBDownload
Position Value
Wood (type)beech
Total height (mm)785
Total depth (mm)515
Total width (mm)485
Seat height (mm)460
Net weight (kg)5
Quantity per carton box2
Dimensions of the carton box920x500x260
Volume of the carton box (m³)0,119


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