Kahawa-Coffee and Book, Poznan

The idea of ​​creating a cafe, reading room, bookstore and coffee roaster in the premises was the result of a combination of professional (bookstore) passions and exotic (African) childhood of the owners.

The restaurant is divided into three zones that clearly illustrate this multifunctional idea.

The first – from the front – is a space with a bar, a cafe section and an auditorium with a bookshop. Tall stools from the Finn collection by the long sill under the window, comfortable 366 armchairs designed by Józef Chierowski – at the low tables, and finally soft cushions on the stairs of the wooden auditorium – define various possible ways of using this space.

The second zone – in the back of the premises – is created by the common table space with Finn upholstered chairs, which not only invites you to feast on a group, but also to do things together during the workshops.

The third area is behind the glass wall, through which you can see the very heart of KaHawa from behind the table. This is where coffee is roasted and packed. The background for the gleaming black stove are white walls, partially chained to bare brick.

Economical, unobtrusive colors, natural materials and a lot of light – all this forms a frame in which truly vivid colors appear along with plants in pots, books and their cavalier readers.

designer: Atelier Starzak Strebicki
photographer: Mateusz Bieniaszczyk
address: plac Ratajskiego 10d, 61-726 Poznań

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