PASIBUS Fashion Outlet, Wroclaw

PASIBUS Fashion Outlet, ul. Graniczna 2, Wrocław.

In the 8th room in Wrocław for Pasibus, CUDO – Project Group in cooperation with the architects of the facility, prepared the reconstruction of the shopping centre located on the outskirts of the city. The interior materials are interwoven with the corrugated metal, glass and steel used on the façade. The roofing of the front terrace resembles the one used originally in food truck flaps, and its continuation can be found in the internal platform near the open display.
The stick A-0537 chairs in a black enamel and grey upholstery reminiscent of the concrete present in the interiors fit perfectly into the striped rhythm and the division of walls and floors. Sharp forms are neutralized by the greenery overgrowing the walls, soft shapes of black upholstered uma A-1505 chairs and classic honey colour of finn BST-1609/75 bar stools placed at high round tables matching the rest of oak tops, squares and rungs used in dividers and slatted ceiling

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