Product code: Bed 160
Product code: Bed 160

The Tivoli collection offers beds in three widths: 140, 160 and 180 cm. Both the bedside tables and the upholstered backrest create with the bed an integrated unity. Flexible upper lamps and backrest lighting with colour change function are important complementary elements. All beds have bedding containers and lift up bed frame with sprung slats under the mattress. Use of fabrics on the backrest and frame allows for unrestricted individualisation.

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Andrzej Lęckoś

Born in 1972 in Jasło, he majored in Artistic Furniture-Making at the Antoni Kenar Arts Secondary in Zakopane and went on to study Interior Architecture at the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design. In 1998, he was producing replicas of vintage furniture.
From 2000 onwards, he has been focussing on designing furniture for mass production. He collaborated with numerous Polish factories. His products have been recognised with awards in multiple categories. Since 2010, he has been designing furniture in his own “STROOG Design” practice.

Has been cooperating with Bentwood Furniture Factory FAMEG since 2013.


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Wood finishes | Solid oak wood elements

Brushed and oiled oak 1395

Wood finishes | Matt fronts painted colour

Beige glaze 4345
Charcoal glaze 4346

Types of bed upholstery | panels at the very bottom

Tokyo T2
Wool 1003

Types of bed upholstery | headrest and bed frame

Tokyo T188
Tokyo T9
Tokyo T3
Tokyo T160
Tokyo T119
Tokyo T4
Tokyo T207
Tokyo T120
Tokyo T118
Tokyo T101
Tokyo T115
Tokyo T2
Wool 91390110
Wool 2288
Wool 2279
Wool 2277
Wool 95
Wool 2014
Wool 1037
Wool 2151
Wool 1026
Wool 1000
Wool 1001
Wool 1003
Wool 1040
Wool 2153
Name Format Size
Care instructions.pdf125.41 KBDownload
Position Value
Wood (type)oak
Total height (mm)1220
Total depth (mm)2115
Total width (mm)2290


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