Mejk Design

Ehlén Johansson has a Master Degree of Fine Arts in industrial design from HDK, the academy of design and crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden.   “I like to include an extra, perhaps unexpected, but relevant idea or function in my designs.   I prefer to work with a manufacturer from the very beginning of the design process, to be able to include production adaptation and fair working conditions as well as environmental aspects in the final result. I would consider my products successful if they last long enough to become classic and stay attractive for the next generation to inherit or buy second hand.   It is important to me to use materials in a resource saving way, in the product as well as in packaging and also to create nice designs with a knock-down construction. Enabling the products to be shipped, stored and packed efficiently. This reduces warehouse and transport costs and as a consequence is good for the environment.”   Ehlén has received several awards for her design, like the “Red dot design award”, “Elle decoration award” and has participated as jury member of IF  Design Awards.

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